Programs in Celtic Languages and Literatures

The Department of Celtic Languages and Literatures offers programs for both graduate and undergraduate students.

Graduate Programs

The PhD program in Celtic languages and literatures is the only one of its kind in North America. Unlike graduate degree programs in North America and abroad that focus exclusively on Irish or one of the other Celtic languages, the Harvard program provides training in several Celtic languages and affords the PhD student the opportunity to conduct advanced research in one or more of the Celtic traditions.

Detailed Information about the PhD Program

Applying to the PhD Program

PhD students in any department in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Harvard may undertake Celtic as a formal Secondary Field by taking four half-courses in Celtic. In the secondary field, a student concentrates on just one of the Celtic languages, either Irish or Welsh.

Detailed Information about the PhD Secondary Field

Students enrolled in the PhD program in Celtic Languages and Literatures may after a year’s graduate work arrange to pursue an Ad Hoc PhD that combines Celtic with another discipline in a personally tailored program. The Ad Hoc degree is quite different from a PhD in one field and a secondary field in another. In the Ad Hoc degree program, all of the student’s work—including the General Exam and the dissertation—involve multiple disciplines in accordance with the student’s personal research plan.

Detailed Information about the Ad Hoc PhD Degree

Graduate students in other departments at Harvard are welcome to take occasional courses in the Celtic Department without completing the Secondary Field.

Undergraduate Programs

There is no undergraduate concentration in Celtic, but there are many ways for Harvard College students to study Celtic languages and their literatures.

The Secondary Field provides an opportunity for structured study of an aspect of Celtic languages and literatures in five half-courses. A student might, for example, take five courses focusing on Celtic folklore and mythology, or five that focus on Irish language and literature or Welsh language and literature.

More Information about the Secondary Field in Celtic

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Some Ways to Organize a Secondary Field in Celtic

Harvard College undergraduates are welcome to take courses in Celtic at the 100 and 200 levels without pursuing a Secondary Field. In particular, students should note that they may satisfy the language requirement by taking two half-courses in Modern Irish (Celtic 132 and 133r), Modern Welsh (Celtic 128 and 129r), or Scottish Gaelic (Celtic 130 and 131).

Studying Modern Celtic Languages at Harvard

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